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A Little About Us

Our principal has extensively travelled South Africa's coastline over the last 22 years and has acted in Buyer and Seller capacities. We have selected relationships with agencies in all towns by destination especially beachfront towns to ensure our clients have a complete list of investment possibilities.

Select Africa and Beachfront Properties has added Select and Beachfront Tours to its portfolio to provide a vital service and enhance its activities as niche market Sales Agencies and a Accommodation booking entity. Management has partnered with an existing tour company with the approved tour operator's licenses to allow clients to travel on both holiday and investment tours.

With a Buyer's and seller`s mandate, we work exclusively with our mandator and protect our client's confidentiality as far as reasonably possible.

With the confidential letter of intent methodology we follow, our Buyers are afforded ample time to pre-approve the properties they may be interested in. However, reciprocally, the Seller or their Mandatees always want to know whether they deal with able buyers, not just willing buyers.

We have a sample document that we would like to share with you in appointing us with a Buyer's Mandate to source your next best investment.

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Select and Beachfront Tours is proud of its high ethical standards. We offer customized tours of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. You will benefit from our decades of experience in the real estate industry and friendly supportive services built on trust. Negotiations with clients and stakeholders are always open and transparent. Whether you are a cash buyer or need finance to purchase a property, we have the network and technology to help you reach this dream.

We are in the business of making property dreams come true!

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Why choose Us?

We have 35 years of experience in property sales, developments and hospitality industry.

We recognize clients as our source and therefor deliver service that is personalized and client driven and based on their needs. Offering services and solutions that are based on integrity and truth, innovative and individually effective.

Select and Beachfront services should be rendered according to the strictest ethical codes of honesty, regarding quality and value for money. All negotiations with all clients and stakeholders should always be open and transparent.

Having access to many agencies in every major Select and Beachfront town in South Africa and agents in key positions in our property network.

We offer a full range of additional services buyers might need when buying a home with our Select Budget Fitness program.

We are leaders in the concept of Rent To Buy.

We are the creators and only agency that make use of the property model better known as `User Title` Properties.

Did You Know?
Beachfront properties and unique select homes, lodges, game and wine farms are more prone to keep its resale value and have a much higher capital growth than any other property investment. WJO

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